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eCommerce in the United Kingdom grew 12.4% during the Christmas campaign

13. February 2017

According to a study by HookLogic, eCommerce was up 12.4% compared to 2015 in the period between 7 November and 31 December, with the number of online shoppers seeing a similar rise of 13.6% since the previous year.


eCommerce in the United Kingdom grew 12.4% during the Christmas campaign


This result represented a 19% increase in retailers' online sales, as revealed by a BDO survey of 70 retailers.

In addition to these results, another study by Visa UK Consumer Spending Index indicated that the average spend in the British Isles increased by 5.5% in the online channel, whereas in the physical channel it grew by only 0.7%, highlighting the opportunity for eCommerce in the region.

However, there are product categories that saw a clear decline during the summer season. This is the case of electronics, the star product in other campaigns like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to eRetail IMRG Capgemini, the discount weekend ended with a drop of 18.5% in the average shopping cart in October 2016, and 22.7% in 2015.

Another significant fact highlighted by IMRG Capgemini is that in the last weekend in November, retailers with an omnichannel strategy grew their online sales more than  pure players, with a 9.9% difference between both strategies.
Sales from tablets grew 12.5% this year.

Both HookLogic and BDO flag up that the key to the success of their online channel is the excellent management by the logistical providers, who succeeded in delivering the eagerly awaited gifts at this key time without any significant delay.

Source: eCommerce News


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