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Spanish consumers use marketplaces for 60% of their online purchases

08. February 2017
According to a study by Lengow, Spain –with sales of 18.2 billion euros– accounts for around 40% of the eCommerce market in southern Europe, and is estimated to have grown by 20% in 2016. Even higher growth is expected for this year, considering that online sales represent only 4% of total retail sales.


Spanish consumers use marketplaces for 60% of their online purchases

Lengow has published its study entitled Spain Ecommerce Outlook which highlights the key potential of eCommerce in Spain. According to its data, Spain –with sales of 18.2 billion euros– accounts for 40% of total eCommerce sales in southern Europe, making it a leader in online sales in this part of the continent. Spain is fourth in the online sales ranking within the European Union, with 4% of the total, after the UK, Germany and France, which together account for 62% of eCommerce sales in Europe.

According to Santiago Jiménez, communications director for Southern Europe & China at Lengow: “Spain has great potential as a country, and in 2017 we expect to see significant growth in eCommerce”. This forecast is supported by several factors: it has 31 million people with Internet access and purchasing capacity –that is, 80% of the Spanish population. “Taking into account eCommerce sales in Spain in the last quarter (up 20.3% according to data from the CNMC), and the substantial rise in cross-border trade, the economic forecast for the year that has just begun is over 20%”, explains Jiménez.

According to the study, Spanish online consumers used marketplaces as a means for acquiring 60% of their purchases, with Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and El Corte Inglés being the most popular retailers. The typical shopper has a profile of a person aged between 25 and 49, living in a large or medium-sized city. The most demanded products online are fashion and household appliances, and the main reasons given by consumers for buying online are the convenience of simply "clicking", home deliveries, the possibility of returns and discounts. “This year the sales volume will certainly be even greater, as eCommerce continues evolving and exploring new channels of communication and sales with the consumer (omnichannel trading)”, says Santiago Jiménez.

In Spain, unlike other countries in the European Union, the most popular payment channels are credit and debit cards, with Visa used in 63% of payments and MasterCard in 38%. In third and fourth place come other payment systems such as Paypal and American Express, with 6% and 3% respectively. Jiménez predicts that one major change in 2017 will be payments made via cellphone.



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