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Spanish SMEs selling their products on Amazon ended 2016 with exports of over 200 million euros

15. February 2017
Spanish SMEs selling their products on Amazon Marketplace, the program that allows companies to use Amazon websites as their online sales channel, are set to break their own record for exports in 2016.



Spanish SMEs selling their products on Amazon ended 2016 with exports of over 200 million euros

Sales to international customers by Spanish SMEs who sell their products through Amazon Marketplace are expected to double in 2016. Exports by these SMEs this year exceeded 200 million euros.

Over 50% of the thousands of Spanish companies that sell via Amazon Marketplace are exporting their wares –that is, shipping orders to customers with a mailing address outside Spain.

In 2016, the number of Spanish SMEs that began selling their products all over Europe through Amazon increased by over 50%.

Currently 49% of the units sold by Amazon around the world are products sold by external retailers who offer their articles on Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon has created a series of tools to support Spanish SMEs and small businesses when making the "online leap" to start selling their products not only in Europe but all over the world. Among other things, they help them manage currency exchanges and translations into local languages. These companies can also use Amazon's logistical network to enable them to offer global shipping and distribution for their products. Companies of all sizes can sell their products all over the world through Amazon's 11 web platforms, in seven languages, and thus reach hundreds of millions of customers in any corner of the planet.

“The days of only being able to sell products to customers in one town, region or country are long gone”, says Francois Saugier, vice president of Seller Services in Europe. “Today, businesses of all sizes can easily export their products to customers across Europe and the world, and we are seeing a significant increase in the number of Spanish SMEs capitalizing on this opportunity in 2016”.

“Our aim is to provide tools and services so companies selling their products on Amazon can grow and prosper”, says Javier Alvira, head of Amazon Marketplace in Spain. “More and more Spanish businesses every day are broadening their horizons by offering their products to millions of customers in Europe and the rest of the world. The digitization process in the Spanish business network is gaining speed”.

Amazon's Christmas campaign has been spectacular, particularly abroad. Our international sales were up by 80% over the previous year, and we have sent products to as many as 15 different countries!”, explains Andrea González, manager of the company specializing in typical Spanish food products, Jamonprivé. “85% of our sales via Amazon come from outside Spain –we serve cured ham and all types of Spanish food products all over the world from Finland to the United States. One of the keys to our success has without a doubt been to use Amazon Logistics: we send our products to Amazon's logistical center and they distribute it all over Europe. We began with just a few boxes, then pallets, and today we send whole truckloads to Amazon's facilities. We will end this year with a turnover with Amazon of over one million euros!”, she adds.

These record export sales came after the launch in April of Amazon's Pan-European Logistics Program, a service whereby Amazon stores, collects, packages and ships articles to customers on behalf of companies using Amazon Marketplace, who in return can sell their products all over Europe, and only need to pay the local logistical rate of the destination country. The services of Amazon's Pan-European Logistics Program also go toward energizing retailers’ businesses, as their products then become part of the Amazon Premium product catalog –representing a gateway to millions of Amazon's most loyal customers–, in addition to being able to make use of Amazon's reputed and reliable customer care service.

In Spain, the number of companies signed up to Amazon's Pan-European Logistics Program has doubled in the last year. Thanks to this service, retailers on Amazon Marketplace can not only extend their businesses –creating new jobs and boosting their sales abroad–, but this alternative is also ultimately much cheaper than having to invest in their own storage and logistical solutions.

An independent study by the consulting company Keystone Strategy reveals that as a result of the sales obtained via Amazon Marketplace, Spanishcompanies have hired 2,100 new workers leading up to 2015.



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