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Paid search trends and opportunities

18. April 2017
Ecommerce marketing agency ROI Revolution recently published an ecommerce paid search report with internal and Google data.


Paid search trends and opportunities

Ecommerce has undergone major shifts in the previous two years with mobile finally surpassing desktop in 2016.  As mobile devices now account for almost half of search clicks, it is high time for mobile optimization.

Ecommerce merchants should consider that inadequate speed of mobile sites can silently kill revenues. According to Google data, 53% abandon a site if it takes over three seconds to load. 47% expect a page to load in less than two seconds, and 52% say fast load time is important to brand loyalty. Reducing the page load time by one second can increase conversion rate by up to 27% according to Google. The bounce-rate during checkout can be decreased by integration with third party mobile-optimized payment processors. At minimum PayPal should be offered according to ROI Revolution and additional options such as Apple Pay or Amazon Payments considered. Furthermore, it is advised to increase investment in mobile search campaigns and optimizing them, especially in the most prominent mobile ad format Google Shopping. Google Shopping ads are now responsible for over half of Google’s search ad clicks across all devices. It is therefore of high importance to optimize product feed, maintaining accurate pricing, inventory levels and well-phrased product titles and descriptions.

Despite the mobile trend, desktop click volume continues to be steady. Therefore, it is suggested to maintain the investment in the experience and effectiveness of the desktop website at the same scale. It should also be considered that mobile devices are often used to get information about the product but the actual purchase is made on desktop. Google remains the dominant channel in ecommerce paid search comprising 90% of search clicks. The gap to other providers is even getting wider.


ROI Revolution – The 2017 Ecommerce Paid Search Report



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