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Online Sales Soar on Singles Day in China

13. November 2012
The Alibaba stores alone made over € 2.3 billion in the 24 hours prior to the holiday.
Online Sales Soar on Singles Day in China

On November 11, China celebrated what it dubs, Singles Day, a holiday that began in the 1990s.  The day “eleven-eleven” represented as four sticks, was chosen initially to make fun of single people, but now has become a holiday for everyone - married people, couples and especially singles - to get together and exchange gifts.  


E-commerce companies quickly saw how the holiday could be to their advantage and they launched several promotions and discounts to get the Chinese public to shop online.  Judging by the numbers, this strategy was a success  and  online sales soared.  Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba recorded $ 3 billion in sales (€ 2.3 billion) in the 24 hours prior to the holiday.  That was three times the amount it made on the same day the year before; and Tmall says that on November 11, 100 million users visited its platform and Taobao.com.


Suning, a household appliance and electronic goods chain also reported 2.96 million orders between November 9 and 11, twenty times more than on those same days the previous year.


Sales this year on China´s Singles Day nearly doubled those made in the U.S. last year on Cyber Monday, the day after Thanksgiving weekend and busiest online shopping day that signals the launch of the Christmas holiday shopping season.


China has the largest number of Internet users in the world.  The China Internet Information Center calculates 538 million users through June 2012, and of those, 187 million shop online.

Source: Pueblo en Línea



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