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Online Games Boost eCommerce Growth in Italy

23. April 2012
56.9% of  2011´s € 19 billion turnover was attributed to recreational activities.
Online Games Boost eCommerce Growth in Italy

The company Casaleggio Associati, in partnership with Adobe Systems, released a survey, eCommerce in Italy 2012 , which presents the trends, evolution and strategies of a growing market.  According to the survey,  eCommerce in Italy was worth approximately € 19 billion in 2011, with the main industry sectors being recreation (primarily gambling, thanks to the relaxation of license restrictions) that took  a 56.9% share of the market, tourism (24.8%) and  insurance (5.9%).


Online gambling, approved by the Italian government and therefore legal in the country, makes it hard for players to use the websites of other countries, so 2011 proved to be a golden year for the online gaming market.   Poker cash games, for example, had already made € 883 million in January of 2012, while online casinos have registered € 365 million (+2.2%) since December 2011.


Another important factor is the boost in mobile commerce or mCommerce, whose accelerated growth can be linked to the increase in tablet devices, with already a million users in Italy.   A high concentration of tablet traffic occurs mainly between 7 pm and 11 pm, which makes it clear that the trend is to use these devices during leisure time.  


Italian companies still have a limited presence in the international market.  Compared to the past, it appears that there is need to expand the business abroad, not only to increase turnover, but to create an adequate economy of scale to withstand international competition.


According to Davide Casaleggio, a partner at Casaleggio Associati,  “the Internet still gets better results than traditional marketing; and it´s the sales channel that offers greater growth potential despite the economic downturn.


Thirty-three percent of companies do not sell their own products or services outside of Italy, while the remaining 67% are present in the international market through different channels.  Fifty-four percent of companies sell abroad directly, either through their website in Italian (24%) or through a multi-language site (25%).   Five percent have an agent or office abroad and 13% do business abroad as part of a multinational.


Annasara Bonandrini, Marketing Manager for  Digital Marketing at Adobe Systems Italy says that, e-Commerce is a strategic channel for companies that want to be competitive and that want to effectively reach their target audience. It allows for cross-platform experiences and an increase in customer service.



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