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New food delivery service by DPD Germany

17. March 2017
Under the brand “DPD Food” shipping will be carried out for HelloFresh, the international market leader in the delivery of food boxes.


New food delivery service by DPD Germany

“In the case of fresh foodstuffs in particular, it is essential for deliveries to be reliable and fast”, says Nils Herrmann, Vice President Operations at HelloFresh. “Our trial runs have demonstrated that features such as the one-hour delivery forecast and online, map-based shipment tracking ensure a high level of punctual deliveries – wherever our customers are in Germany".

Through passively cooled boxes the parcels don’t have to be transported in refrigerated lorries. On the morning of the delivery customers receive an SMS or email informing them of the hour during which the shipment will arrive. In case of a failed delivery, DPD donates the food to a welfare organization.

HelloFresh delivers fresh ingredients in the right portions accompanied by cooking instructions. Customers can choose between three and five meals per week for two or four persons. The company has about 850,000 subscribers in USA, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Switzerland and Canada.

DPD Germany plans to establish itself further in the growing e-food market segment with additional customers later this year. Although a study by GfK indicates that currently only 1% of groceries are bought online, internet sales are predicted to increase considerably from €1.1 billion in 2015 to an annual €7 billion by 2025. According to Bitkom digital association 28% of German online shoppers have already bought groceries online.








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