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Amazon's patent on one-click payments will expire in 2017

12. January 2017
US Amazon’s patent on its one-click payments technology will expire in 2017, opening new opportunities for its rivals to tap into similar technology on their websites.

The patented tech allows customers to complete a purchase with a single click by using payments credentials and shipping information previously stored with Amazon, businessinsider.com reports.

This eliminates the manually entering payment card and shipping address information whenever one makes a purchase. The technology also allows Amazon Echo owners to complete a purchase with a single voice command.

Until now, the only way for other companies to deploy such technology was to license it from Amazon – Apple pays an undisclosed annual sum to use a version of the technology in its iOS app store for app purchases. Some estimate that Amazon's exclusive hold on the technology has earned it billions by making it easy for customers to make repeat purchases with the site.

One-click payments is considered such an important part of the online shopping experience that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) gathered a number of major tech firms in 2016 to start working on standards for adding payments credentials to web browsers.

That could allow online shoppers to make one-click payments through any site via the credentials saved in their web browser. Google is already working on a one-click payments system for its Chrome browser, and other browser companies are expected to do the same.


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