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Amazon adopts the technique of using influencers to promote its products

17. May 2017
Amazon is getting into the influencer marketing space with an Amazon Influencer Program, now in beta, TechCrunch reported. The program is similar to Amazon Affiliates but requires influencers to apply to be vetted and accepted by the company.



Amazon adopts the technique of using influencers to promote its products

Everyone knows that Amazon never stops innovating. This attitude is what allows them to be number one all over the world and to read the market even before it knows what it’s going to do. Amazon influences people's wishes, interests and consumption habits, and society's needs.

One example of this is the implementation of Amazon Prime, which has accustomed users to receiving their products much faster than before, so they now demand ever greater agility in all their online transactions in general. The availability of this service has also fueled consumers' interest in purchasing food products online, for example; one third of Amazon Prime users now visit food and supermarket pages, a figure that has recently grown.

On this occasion, Amazon has opted to venture into the field of influencers, people who have many followers on the social networks and hence the capacity to influence consumers' purchases. They call this the “Amazon Influencer Program”.

The company aims to capture people who not only have a large number of followers, but who generate numerous interactions and stand out for the quality of their publications. Anyone interested in working for the US giant should fill out an application, which will be studied according to these factors. If they pass the exam, they can begin to advertize Amazon products in exchange for a commission to be determined. The company will provide the influencers with a link where they can see the recommended products so the followers can access them easily.

Sources: Silicon, Actualidad Ecommerce


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