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39% of users demand simpler mobile shopping

16. June 2017
Consumers in Spain need to fill out an average of between 13 and 16 fields to make a purchase via the mobile channel, which prompts some users to give up before they complete the process.


39% of users demand simpler mobile shopping

mCommerce, or shopping via mobile devices, grew by 57% in Spain in 2016, a spectacular hike. This increase represents 1.5% of total retail sales and 28% of all eCommerce sales. These figures are still low compared to other countries such as the United Kingdom, China or South Korea, where cellphone purchases account for 50% of digital purchases. It also contrasts with the fact that the cellphone is now the go-to device used by the Spanish public for logging on to Internet, and 45% of us could not live without our phones according to the Association for Media Research (AIMC).

One of the reasons cellphones are not better positioned in Spain may have to do with the laborious process consumers have to undergo to buy something using this device. According to Pablo Foncillas, business and entrepreneurial innovation consultant, users are obliged to complete an average of between 13 and 16 fields before they can complete their online purchase, which means that some give up half-way through the process. This daily compares the information required with what is requested in an offline store, where consumers are asked for their address–if the purchase is delivered to their home–and little else. Much more information is required online: first and last names, email, telephone number, password, repeat email and password, credit card number, security code, expiry date… Sometimes more data are requested in order to compile information on the brand's target audience, such as age or educational level. 39% of Spanish users find this situation excessive, as is also highlighted in the survey by the AIMC, which indicated that the number of users who feel under surveillance from the Internet has risen from 46% to 53.3% in 2016.

In this context, it would be advisable for companies to devote more efforts to their omnichannel strategies to facilitate the process for users to the maximum in order to achieve a more positive online conversion rate.

Sources: La Vanguardia, AIMC


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