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What is an electronic marketplace?

What is an electronic marketplace?

This section will make you familiar with how you can use electronic marketplaces, or e-markets, and supplier directories. We focus on e-markets and supplier directories which have a focus on business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-government (B2G).





eMarket Services uses the following definition of an e-market:

  • it is open to several buyers and several sellers
  • it is a trading platform, the e-market itself does not sell nor buy  goods or services traded on the platform
  • it has at least one trading function 

Supplier directories support companies in establishing new business relationships but no actual trade takes place at these platforms.

E-markets and supplier directories are also called B2B Internet platforms. Such platforms include all Internet-based technical solutions that aim at facilitating the establishment of new trading relationships between companies or at supporting existing relationships. 

It is not a B2B e-market or supplier directory if it:

  • is a website of one company, selling their own products
  • is one seller acting as distributor, selling other companies products
  • mainly focus on trade to or between consumers
  • only is a provider of e-commerce solutions
  • focus on non-trading activities like collaborative design or people collaboration.

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