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Electronic commerce in Spain 2012

17. January 2013 Electronic commerce in Spain 2012

In this review of data dating from 2011 and the beginning of 2012, we see that consumers have embraced e-commerce, which continues its record growth every quarter.  However, just as we saw in our 2011 report, there are challenges that still have to be met in order to be on a par with their European neighbors, like increasing B2B e-commerce in the country, even though we beat the last sales slump and are back on the path to growth.


To put the situation in Spain into context, this report will give a brief review of the state of electronic commerce worldwide and in Europe, by studying data on Internet usage and eCommerce by individuals and companies, and by signaling this year´s industry challenges and trends.

eCommerce in Spain 2012

Electronic commerce in Spain 2012

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