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The eMarketServices Handbook

The eMarketServices Handbook
Available in English, Spanish and Norwegian.

The eMarketServices "Handbook on E-markets and Online Directories" will make you familiar with how you can use e-markets and supplier directories today to the benefit of your company.

The Internet offers new opportunities for small businesses to conquer new markets and to find better and cheaper suppliers. E-markets and other business-to-business (B2B) Internet platforms play a central role in realising this promise.

If you are involved in a small company's marketing, sales or purchasing decisions, then this handbook is for you. It helps you to understand the different functionalities, which you can use on these platforms.

The eMarketServices Handbook is free and available in English, Spanish and Norwegian.

Before you can download the Handbook, you must first register and verify your e-mail adress. By letting us knowing who you are, you help us plan and improve the information that eMarketServices provides you.