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How to select an eMarket

How to select an e-market

Having decided that an e-marketplace may be of interest to your company, we recommend the following steps to find and select the right one:

Use the checklist

To help you select the right e-marketplace, we have developed a checklist to find an e-marketplace that is most suitable for your company. This checklist will lead you through different issues, which will help you make the right decision. Read the checklist on how to select an eMarketSelecting an eMarket 110 Kb

Search the Directory

What e-marketplaces exist out there? eMarket Services is constantly evaluating existing e-marketplaces and you will find them in our directory. Search the directory for e-marketplaces within your industry and/or region.

Consider the most significant e-marketplaces

There are over hundreds of e-marketplaces in the world today, but only a handful has the investment backing of the world's biggest companies. Suppliers interested in exporting should be aware of these e-marketplaces as potential sources of new customers and as access routes to global supply chains.

We have compiled a list of e-marketplaces (PDF) that are well known globally in their industries or have significant global traffic. Suppliers should know about these sites but not rule out others. Small niche e-marketplaces and general opportunity sites also play an important role in helping companies enter markets and win business with new customers.

Find one that you can trust

To help you find quality e-marketplaces that you can trust, eMarket Services and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) have developed a freeSelf-Assessment Checklist. It is intended to help e-marketplacess grow trust, improve their business longevity, grow the confidence of e-marketplace users, and promote a healthy e-business environment.

Besides, eMarket Services has developed a list with a number of certification programs, codes of conduct, standards, guidelines and useful information about building trust and improving practice in electronic business-to-business communications and transactions.

Read the self-assessment checklistSelf-Assessment Checklist 261 Kb

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Xiao Caihua

05. January 2012

It aims to give a well packaged service to select and do business electronically.


03. January 2012

prototype require informations

jamshid goodarzi

18. June 2010

It would be more appropriate to find tools to seperate common words used in one field and its specialized field but definately this has been a very useful tool for people like me who have no knowledge of SE


06. April 2010

It aims to give a well packaged service to select and do business electronically.

A comparative analysis of the best emarket place could become a selective tool for new registrant and existing ones to shift new base; for business sustenance.

Thanks and Regards,

Bjørn Kjølseth

12. March 2010

Hi Rogerio
The checklists can be downloaded from this page, and the directory can be found by clicking on the number 3 on the top of the pages. There you can search for the e-markets that you are interested in - based on the industry sector and/or the region where they have their HQ or Sales office.

Rogério Martins Rodrigues

11. March 2010

I have loved your e-Market Handbook 1. Now, if you could be so kind, send me e-Market Handbook 2 and 3. I mean, Checklist and Worldwide Directory, too. Thanks since now.
Best Regards,
Roger Martin

dervis vural

29. December 2009

We manufacture spare parts of automotive and we would like to export our products so we look for a reliable list of e-marketplaces.Please help on this subject.
Best Regards