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SME's use eMarkets to do international business

SME's use eMarkets to do international business

eMarket Services regularly writes reports on how Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) use electronic marketplaces (eMarkets) and e-business to do international business.

The reports that you find in this section are interviews with companies that are buying and selling through e-marketplaces, and also reports for selected industries.

In the "Regional reports" section you will find reports on how e-marketplaces are used in selcted regions and countries.

For more information about what e-marketplaces are and other e-business issues, you can find such reports in the "Understanding eMarkets" section.

Other Industry Reports

22. Dec 2016

Manuel Durán, co-founder of B2bio “Any company working in the organic production industry can use our services”

24. Nov 2016

Camille Maciet of Stylight: “The companies that work with us have easy access to other international markets”

26. Oct 2016

Verónica Carrascosa, CEO and founder of Smiling Things: “We want to be a benchmark marketplace for new brands”

14. Oct 2016

Massiel Galán at Livingo: “Our platforms allow furniture companies to internationalize smoothly”

29. Sep 2016

Luis Ongil, from Percentil.com: “Premium shopping is what makes us stand out”

13. Jul 2016

Aleix Torné, of the Nova Ágora Group: “Interempresas provides communication tools to help companies enhance their business”

30. Jun 2016

Pepita Marín, co-founder and CEO of WE ARE KNITTERS: "Electronic markets are a great showcase for brands"

20. Jan 2016

Benet Boix, from Logismarket “We continuously strive to enhance the experience of user businesses”

28. Jul 2015

Interview with Lindsay Watkin of Global Wine & Spirits, the world´s largest B2B marketplace focusing on the wine industry

06. Oct 2014

Logistics in eCommerce II: questions and answers on international logistics

10. Sep 2014

Spanish Foods and Wines. Shopping Online

30. Jul 2014

Inés Ramírez, CEO of Furnit-u.com: “We help companies from the habitat sector to find business opportunities”

16. Jul 2014

International industrial machinery and equipment sales via electronic markets

11. Jun 2014

Cristina Palacios, Director of FairChanges: “We are committed to sustainable, fair and ethical trade that promotes local consumerism”

27. May 2014

Interview with Frédéric Cantaert, Country manager of Mascus

13. May 2014

Fincalink, from the olive press to the consumer. Testimonials from Spanish companies using Fincalink

25. Mar 2014

Marianne Brucy, International & Business Development Director at Showroomprive: “We create campaigns that respond to brands' needs”

10. Mar 2014

Ruth Puente, CEO of Biddus “We reverse the order of traditional sales, allowing the buyer to take the initiative”

25. May 2007

Electronic commerce in the pharmaceutical industry

Rosa Mª Riesco Sastre, ICEX

03. Mar 2007

E- marketplaces in the aviation/airline industry

05. Jan 2007

Selling to international customers

14. Sep 2006

Textile Industry report

22. May 2006

The global mining industry

25. Apr 2006

Transportation & Logistic - Industry Report

13. Jan 2006

Telecommunications - Industry Report

30. Dec 2005

Wine – B2B trading on e-marketplaces

09. Dec 2005

E-marketplaces in the Electronics Industry

02. Dec 2005

The sports shoes market in the new EU member state

26. Sep 2005

E-marketplaces for the Government & Public Sector

01. Sep 2005

E-marketplaces in the Health sector

01. Aug 2005

Food and Beverage - e-Marketplaces

20. May 2005

E-marketplaces in the Construction industry

11. May 2005

E-marketplaces in the Paper and Cardboard Industry

07. Apr 2005

E-marketplaces in the Energy and Fuels sector

28. Jan 2005

E-marketplaces in the Retail & Consumer Goods Indu

18. Nov 2004

E-marketplaces in the Automotive Industry

31. Aug 2004

E-marketplaces in the Plastic Industry

16. Jul 2004

Public e-procurement via E-marketplaces

05. May 2004

E-marketplaces for fishery products

04. May 2004

E-marketplaces in the Biotech Industry

27. Feb 2004

E-marketplaces in the Metals sector

19. Jan 2004

E-marketplaces in the ICT Sector

03. Dec 2003

E-marketplaces in the Textile and Leather Sector

01. Oct 2003

E-marketplaces in the Energy Sector

30. Jun 2003

Portuguese Government looks for savings

31. Mar 2003

Public eProcurement in Norway