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E-marketplaces are not a short-term solution

20. January 2004 E-marketplaces are not a short-term solution

"Initially, we thought e-marketplaces were a very good idea, with lots of opportunities. Three years later, we have a different opinion – e-marketplaces do not have as much potential for us as we originally thought," says Alan Parker of Accord Precision Limited

Accord Precision Ltd specialises in the manufacture of precision machined components utilising specialist lathes and machine tools combined with computer integrated manufacturing techniques.

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E-marketplaces are not a short-term solution

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Macarena Baylos, head of the European Projects Area at Hub Advisor: “At Tradeit we offer a commercial and technological collaboration channel for traditional agrifood companies “

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Triana Bermúdez-Cañete, from Qashops: “Our software makes it possible to manage the presence on multiple electronic marketplaces from a single place”

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Internationalization through Social Media

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deMartina.com: eMarketplaces help us to link the brand with agile delivery and versatility in the catalog

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Verónica Carrascosa, CEO and founder of Smiling Things: “We want to be a benchmark marketplace for new brands”

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Massiel Galán at Livingo: “Our platforms allow furniture companies to internationalize smoothly”

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OMBIP, the new ideas market for audiences of all kinds

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Beatriz Arce, Brand Manager Spain for ManoMano: “We guarantee a wide dissemination of DIY and gardening products”

12. Nov 2015

Moma Bikes: ”Differentiation, the key to success in eMarketplace sales”

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Interview with Sonia Molina, Country Manager of DaWanda Spain: “40% of sales are cross-border”

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Interview with Marc Schillaci, CEO at Oxatis, a leading e-commerce solutions company

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Wei Duan, Alibaba Group “We offer exposure to a global market with very limited resources”

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Electronic marketplaces, a good indicator of product quality

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Interview with Andoni Arias, CMO at Inuntji “We offer companies a free and professional way of creating an online store”

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Crafts in the 21st century: selling internationally via eMarketplaces

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Miniland Group: know your online strategy

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Eduardo G. Pardo, CTO of Second Episode, introduces the eCommerce tool Rationalize

02. Dec 2014

Interview with Estanis Martín de Nicolás, General Manager of PayPal Spain and Portugal: “PayPal Passport helps do away with the cultural barriers to internationalisation”

05. Nov 2014

Sol Fauquier, Country Manager for 99designs Spain: “access to the internet has meant that design is no longer exclusively for large companies”

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Inés Ramírez, CEO of Furnit-u.com: “We help companies from the habitat sector to find business opportunities”

16. Jul 2014

International industrial machinery and equipment sales via electronic markets

11. Jun 2014

Cristina Palacios, Director of FairChanges: “We are committed to sustainable, fair and ethical trade that promotes local consumerism”

07. Apr 2014

Key data for online Escandinavian markets

25. Mar 2014

Marianne Brucy, International & Business Development Director at Showroomprive: “We create campaigns that respond to brands' needs”

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Ruth Puente, CEO of Biddus “We reverse the order of traditional sales, allowing the buyer to take the initiative”

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Export professional services online

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Héctor Badal, COO of Yeeply: We Team Companies Up With Mobile App Developers, to Assure Quality

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Credit cards and financing in Brazil. Widespread use of installment buying

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Payment methods in Peru

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Payment methods in Mexico

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Opportunities for international expansion in selling equipment to the public sector and the services industry

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Payment methods in Brazil

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Francesc Font, CEO of Nubelo: We promote access to a broader talent market by reducing costs

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Payment methods in Latin America

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Alejandro Estevez: Our platforms include hundreds of suppliers and offer the best prices

16. Nov 2011

César Rodríguez: We have considered the world as our market ever since we started

08. Sep 2010

Spanish Ubis packages world over four decades using eMarketplaces

25. May 2007

Electronic commerce in the pharmaceutical industry

Rosa Mª Riesco Sastre, ICEX

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E-business pushes new products for Dutch packager

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E- marketplaces in the aviation/airline industry

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Quality in - Quality out

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The sports shoes market in the new EU member state

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E-marketplaces in the Retail & Consumer Goods Indu

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Swedish bank saves on administration costs

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An extremely efficient business dimension

18. Nov 2004

E-marketplaces in the Automotive Industry

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E-marketplaces in the Plastic Industry

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E-marketplaces for fishery products

04. May 2004

E-marketplaces in the Biotech Industry

03. Dec 2003

E-marketplaces in the Textile and Leather Sector